“My family and I have worked with Jim for several years. He is a true professional. He is quite simply the best motivator I have worked with. He is results driven and very intelligent.He posses that unique ability to made something difficult fun!”

Kelley Kelly

“My daughter is a high school athlete who suffered a knee injury during a basketball game. We were terribly concerned about her ability to physically and mentally recover and play the sport she loves competitively again. Jim was able to rehabilitate her knee to be stronger than it was prior to the injury and give her the confidence to play competitive basketball again. Our orthopedic surgeon recommended 6 months for recovery. Jim was able to get her where she needed to be in 4 months to pass the cybex testing and play at the start of the season. We highly recommend Jim Beatty.”

Tracey Gerhart

“Jim is an outstanding personal trainer with deep knowledge in his field, which he continues to develop as part of the Be Better Network. His approach is friendly, but experience, knowledge and desire to help clients achieve wellness goals are expertly applied. Results flow from a plan and his ability to stretch clients towards their goals.”

Bill Kingsley

I've been training with Jim for over 4 years. His enthusiasm, energy, and skill of his profession keep me coming back... and most of all - the results!

Theresa Capozzolli

“I've had the pleasure of working alongside and being trained by Jim Beatty. In an era where there are so many physical fitness options - and a lot of poor providers - Jim is a welcomed choice because of his integrity. With him, what you see is what you get. He's honest, knowledgeable and shoots his clients straight. He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, injury prevention and motivation. I have many athletes that I deal with on the basketball court, but when it comes to strength training, rehab or conditioning - I send them to Jim. I've been exposed to the very best in the Strength and Conditioning industry, and I recommend Jim and FITnWELL as highly as anyone out there.”

Dewey Burke, Owner & CEO, Dewey Burke Basketball

“I have been training with Jim for several years and am very pleased with my level of fitness, my health and physical condition, my overall emotional well-being and appearance. I would highly recommend Jim to all individuals ready to commit to achieving fantastic results and willing to work at it as hard as Jim does!"

Liz Lambert

For someone who had no idea how to get started, Jim is the best trainer. He designed a program and has helped me to improve flexibility and strength tremendously...

John Castleman

To put it simply: Jim gets it. Those of you looking to step up the intensity of your training and learn how to become a more polished athlete would be wise to consider training with Jim. I give him my highest recommendation to help you become quicker, more graceful, and more explosive!

Dewey Burke - UNC Basketball '04-'07

“I started working with Jim in February 2009 and have been working with him weekly ever since. Our first meeting included not only a fitness evaluation, but a sit-down evaluation of my goals and fitness/health background. Jim custom-tailored our workouts to improve my overall health and strength, as well as hone in on particular muscles to strengthen my back and neck after a serious neck injury. Within six weeks of working with Jim, pain associated with the injury was dramatically reduced, and I was feeling the benefits of the strength and core training we'd done even just walking up the stairs....and soon felt the benefits with my morning runs. Our workouts evolved from month to month, increasing not only in weights and repetitions but intensity as well. I was also surprised to learn how many ways there are to train without machines and constantly moving weights around. I would recommend Jim's expert and personable training services 100%.

Lelah Cole