balance your bagel with protein and fiber

We all like a good bagel now and then… And some of us don’t seem to want to live without them. So the question is… How do we have our cake (or in this case bagel) and eat it too? … without it turning into stored fat around our waist?


Remember the Glycemix Index? That’s the chart that tells you which carbohydrate-rich foods impact blood sugar the most… WHEN EATEN BY THEMSELVES… Yeah, that one… It’s certainly an interesting bit of information… but I’m going to tell you that it’s almost useless... and here’s why… DON’T EAT CARBOHYDRATES BY THEMSELVES!!!! So what foods should you have with your bagel to keep it from turning into fat around your hips and waist? What will SLOW DOWN the digestion of starchy carbohydrates are 2 things… protein and fiber. Add a hard-boiled egg or 2, or even go for an egg on the bagel… Veggie Omelette? Protein and Fiber together in one… WOW! The protein and fiber will slow down the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar, and keep your blood sugar and insulin levels steadier… which means less fat storage and more energy!


Now… Last thing on Bagels, specifically. The reason why they have such great texture, and feel sooooo good to chew on… is GLUTEN.


GLUE-TEN… Gluten in the body can be responsible for holding as much as 10-15 lbs of extra water… 10-15 lbs you just don’t need! So have your bagels… just balance them out… and in doing so… other aspects of your life may become more balanced too!


-Jim Beatty, CSCS, CPT – Fitness Professional and Wellness Coach

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