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When it comes to getting fit and healthy you must perform moderate aerobic exercise, you must maintain or even improve the amount of muscle that you have, and you must eat in a way that controls your blood sugar and supports your lifestyle. Here's a few more specific details to help you on your way.


There are two primary villains sabotaging us from getting the healthy body and healthy lives that we're searching for:

Refined foods and sugars (often disguised as healthy choices)

Diets of all shapes and sizes promoting deprivation as a solution


If most of your meals come from drive-through windows, boxes, packages, or cans, and if "healthy snacks" fill your pantry, you're consuming foods that the human body has really not evolved to process as valuable nutrients. Hydrogenated fats give snack foods texture and mouth feel, and those that say "no trans fats" are almost always laden with sugar. Hydrogenated fats, high fructose corn syrup, and various versions of synthetic compounds designed to provide texture and extended shelf life accelerate cellular damage and speed the aging process and the onset of dis-ease.


Dis-ease is reversible, even after it is diagnosed. If we think of dis-ease as the evolving reduction in ease, and we recognize that it evolves along a continuum, you'll realize that you do not get arthritis on a given day. It's a process of inflammation escalated over time until symptoms reduced the ease of daily life. That's when a dis-ease is diagnosed. Intervention (exercise and supportive eating) prior to diagnosis can prevent the disease from ever becoming burdensome. The good news is, once it's diagnosed, the continuum still exists, and we can move you back along that line toward health, reducing symptoms, and reducing dis-ease. The same holds true for Type II Diabetes, diet-induced hypothyroidism, and a host of other concerns that are treated conventionally with medication. I believe through empowerment, strategic exercise, and supportive nutrition, people can cure their own disease... and we can help you. So here's a few tips to help you on your way:


Simple Truths to Ensure You Start 2010 off the right way:

1. Exercise should NOT be excessive, by any means. Unless you are a competitive athlete conditioned to handle excess, you must respect the delicate balance between energy output and recuperative ability, and while intensity is important, it's easy to cross the threshold of diminished returns and not recognize it.


2. Exercise should NOT be painful. Soreness is not a badge indicating a great workout. Might you be sore after beginning a new routine? Sure, but not to the point that you can't walk up or down stairs without moaning and grunting.


3. Supportive Nutrition should NEVER ask you to deprive yourself. Most weight loss attempts incorporate an approach that eliminates or radically reduces the intake of a nutrient (i.e.carbs or fat) or they employ a radical drop in caloric intake. There is nothing supportive about this approach, even if you use aids such as appetite suppressants or stimulants. The state of caloric deprivation is a state that asks the body to cannibalize its own lean body mass creating the illusion that the diet is "working" as metabolism slows. Beyond the negative long term affects on weight loss resistance and aesthetic fulfillment, the deprivation of vital calories can have severe effects upon virtually every system of the body, including but not limited to the cardiovascular system, the skeletal system, and the endocrine system.


In addition, when you consume refined and processed foods, it's almost as if a machine somewhere did the thermic (metabolic) work your body was supposed to do, so you miss out not only on the nutrient value of natural foods, but also on the work the body does in the act of digestion which helps to elevate metabolism. Metabolism is fueled by teaching your body to eat more.


Remember... Health and Dis-ease are on a continuum. And you have the power and the ability to move in either direction on that continuum... more toward dis-ease, or more toward a life of health and wellness.


-Jim Beatty, CSCS, CPT – Fitness Professional and Wellness Coach

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