supportive nutrition

If you’re looking to lose body fat, improve your ability to move and function, promote healthy body function, and live a long, healthy life, then you must eat to support your body and your lifestyle. Supportive nutrition is simply making the right food choices at the right times to improve your health on an ongoing and consistent basis.


Let me give you the TOP 5 nutritional habits. These are 5 pieces of nutritional advice that are accepted by virtually everyone to be safe and correct. And they will make a huge difference in the way you look, feel, and function.



1. Always Eat Breakfast

2. Eat Raw Foods – unprocessed grains, vegetables, and fruits

3. Eat Lean Proteins – chicken breast, turkey, fish, egg whites, etc…

4. Eat Essential Fats – UN-saturated

5. Stay Hydrated – your body is almost 75% water!


Supportive nutrition is essentially following these guidelines and adjusting them a bit to fit your body and your lifestyle. When done correctly, eating like this will get you whatever results you want. So, since 3 things are easier to remember than 5… here’s all you’ll ever need to remember.


Supportive Nutrition is simply eating a Lean Protein, a Starchy Carbohydrate, and a Fibrous Carbohydrate …together…every 3-4 hours.


Look at your plate and divide it into thirds… Make each serving of lean protein, starchy carb, fibrous carb, about the size of your fist. So breakfast could be eggs as the protein, oatmeal as the starchy carb, and fruit as the fibrous carb. Lunch… Turkey sandwich on whole grain bread with lettuce and tomato. Dinner… Turkey, Rice, and Vegetables. Pretty simple right?


Oh yeah… and EAT OFTEN!! Eating balanced meals and eating them frequently will have your blood sugar so steady, that your energy levels will be through the roof, and your body will be burning calories at a much higher rate.


When you give your body the fuel it needs to function (carbohydrates), and the raw materials it needs for growth and repair (protein and healthy fats)… I promise you will feel Great!


Start with this simple strategy, and aim to do a little better today than you did yesterday… and PREPARE FOR RESULTS!




• Boneless skinless chicken breast

• Egg Whites and/or Eggs

• Tuna (water packed)

• Steak (lean cuts)

• Fish (salmon, halibut, etc…)

• Lean low-salt deli meats

• Shrimp, Crab

• Roasted Turkey Breast

• Low-Fat Milk and Cheese

• Soymilk

• Cottage Cheese

• Lean Ground Beef/Turkey


Starchy Carbs

• Old Fashioned Oatmeal

• Whole Grain Bread

• Brown Rice

• Whole Grain Pasta

• Cream of Wheat and Rice

• Granola/ Granola Bars

• Potatoes (all kinds)

• Low-Sugar Cereals

• Whole Grain Crackers

• Zucchini & Squash

• Whole Grain Waffles/Pancakes

• Natural Peanut Butter

• Almonds/Cashews/Peanuts

• Beans (legumes) red, black, etc…


Fibrous Carbs

• Green Leafy Lettuces

• Broccoli

• Asparagus

• Green/String Beans

• Spinach/Kale/Dark Greens

• Bell Peppers (multi-color)

• Cauliflower

• Blueberries, Strawberries, Apples


Most Fruits and Vegetables fit in this category. Vegetables are better than fruit when trying to get lean due to lower levels of sugar, and therefore less impact on blood sugar… translating into steadier blood sugar and consistent use of BODYFAT as fuel.


Remember… Split your plate into thirds… choose one food from each grouping above… make it the size of your fist… eat every 3-4 hours… and drink lots of water. That’s it, and it works… every single time. Nutritional strategies like this will keep your metabolism stoked, your energy levels consistently high, and your body feeling and functioning better every day.


-Jim Beatty, CSCS, CPT – Fitness Professional and Wellness Coach

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