I'm 48 years old and I play tennis (mostly doubles) at least four days a week. Am I getting enough exercise?

ask the trainer, jim beatty

You're certainly getting enough of one kind of exercise, but missing the balance needed to continue to improve for the rest of your life. Proper exercise is a must today because most of the everyday movements of our ancestors have been removed. Our active lifestyles used to keep us healthy and strong, but due to the increase in sedentary lifestyles and the decrease in the quality of our food, we now how to look at “exercise” or movement differently. We need our exercise today to not only strengthen our hearts and lungs, helping them to pump nutrient rich blood to our working muscles and organs, but we also need our exercise to challenge our muscles to get stronger, making life easier and more fun.


Hopefully your tennis has you breathing hard at times, and laughing all the time, as those two things are very important to our well being. Try adding just 5-8 strength exercises to your life 2x/week to feel the positive effects of strength training, both in your life, and in your tennis game. You will be moving around the court with less effort, and you'll also have a bit more “pop” in your stroke. That sounds like a winner to me.